Friday, 21 August 2009

I was so brave!

The man with the patience of a saint aka my driving instructor pushed me a little harder this week and we went for a jolly little ride by the sea and beyond. The only downside was that I was concentrating so hard on not killing us or anyone else that I couldn't look and take in the delightful scene on the water he was relaying to me as we drove along. It was sooo hot and I went prepared with 2 bottles of frozen spring water.

He informed me that I didn't do too badly and I got the feeling I coped better than he thought I would. I made a conscious effort to drive at the speed limit seeing as I was out in the big wide world. I do have a habit of slowing down at EVERY perceived danger but I guess I will grow out of that as I feel more in control.

I had to negotiate lots of new roundabouts, roadworks and crossings but it didn't really worry me too much. I just need to remember not to rush and choose a gap suitable for ME and not try to do things at the same speed as all those well seasoned drivers.

I am getting the doxie-mobile very soon so I have asked for an extra lesson each week when he gets another block free.

I have far to go yet but I can't believe that I have come this far in this short time, I thought it would be an age until I was driving the kind of places he took me...or should I say I took us the other day.

Doxie, loving all my life is throwing at me! :o)

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