Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New addition to the family...

Introducing Elliot....

"Hi I'm Elliot"
"My Mum thinks I am the prettiest birdie in town"

"I'm just over 8 weeks old"

Isn't she an absolute darling? I've been liking the idea of having a pet bird again for quite a long time. For most of the 20 + years we've lived in this house we've had birds, but the last of the original gang passed on about 18-24 mths ago and we had been birdless since that time. I had my heart set on a blue budgerigar and a boy but when I saw Elliot she seemed so perfect in temperament that it didn't matter that she was not a boy. I hadn't originally wanted a girl as I was not keen on the 'egg' issues, but I guess we'll deal with that if and when it occurs.

All the information I read said leave the bird to settle for a week before you try and tame it, but she looked so chilled and relaxed I thought I'd make a start on getting her used to me the day she came home...in just a couple of hours she was sitting on my finger! I do think leaving it a week before you put your hand in the cage is a little foolish because surely then the bird would have started to think of the cage as THEIR territory and not yours????...thus giving you trust and territory issues to deal with. I don't know what other people think about that? If Elliot had appeared terrified then of course I wouldn't have pushed her, but she seemed to take it all in her stride so I guess I read her correctly. Last night she let me tickle her under the wing  which seems like a big step in trust. I won't let her out of the cage until she is perfectly happy with me stroking her back and neck...then if she gets into difficulty when she's out she won't feel stressed by me rescuing her from the back of the sofa or whatever.

I hope you are all well and happy.

Doxie :)

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