Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas everyone

Hello! If you celebrate Christmas I hope you are enjoying the festivities :)

I blew up my computer so just when I thought I'd be getting back into blogging I had to go AWOL. I have no way to upload photos at the mo so things may be a little dull for a while.

I've Been a busy bee but have been trying to spend more time with friends too.

Massive new flash is that I've taken up climbing as a new sport!!! We hope to get our own gear soon as hiring it each time is proving to be expensive. This new interest is all down to my friends J and N who are VERY into the sport. They'd been threatening to take me for some time and one day after a spot of Christmas shopping and lunch together they announced that that very evening they were gonna take me for my first try at it...what a thrill! I am not good with heights so this is another way I hope I will 'evolve' and move forward :) Thankfully DH and DS are just as keen to join in so it will become a family activity!

happy Christmas everyone

Doxie x

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