Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Angry Doxie

I am a thoroughly fed up Doxie. I have had no cooker since Saturday morning. A new one was delivered and the old one taken away but they delivered the wrong cooker, grrrrr! All the paperwork refers to the one we choose, a black one, but they delivered a graphite one which has a different code so goodness knows how they managed that. The delivery men said they'd leave the graphite one just incase they had trouble getting hold of the other one ( I think they knew something about the company we didn't!). They suggested that we ask permission to open this one and use it if we had to wait for the black one.

This will be our 4th night without a means of cooking hot food and they will not give us permission to open it. I have had to throw food away because it had gone out of date and that really hurts.

I have stayed in for two re-deliveries and they just did not turn up even though they had CONFIRMED by text and voicemail. You wouldn't think we were in such a deep recession would you with the lack of customer care these places have.

I wait to see if they can actually get their act together and deliver it tomorrow as that is the latest delivery date. I am considering asking for my money back seeing as they have not delivered the goods I ordered, have caused me to be out of pocket and going to one of their competitors instead.

Watch this space. I am angry...infact DS said when he heard my telephone call to the so called customer services he had never in his life heard me so angry.

Doxie Grrrrrrrr !!!!!


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