Tuesday, 3 November 2009

We're the new kids in the class again

I am quite blessed by the fact that Mr Doxie and I share many interests. One of these is photography...He is streets ahead of me in knowledge, understanding and technique but that is okay, at least he can explain things to me when it all goes pear shaped, and when we go out to take pics I can compare...I find I learn much just from the differences in our individual "take" on the same subject...That said, there are times when you'd never believe we were in the same location when I look at what we each chose to photograph. I have noticed he tends to go for landscapes, whereas I tend to go for individual features...He records the big picture, I record the elements within it! :o)

Life does tend to get in the way of leisure time and lately we found that we were indulging in our hobby less and less...we really needed "a kick up the butt" ( Mr Doxie's phrasing on the situation ) Well I think we have found the solution...we have done a trawl of the local clubs and found a super little band of fellow snappers. The folk are friendly, willing to share their knowledge and have a dynamic attitude in embracing modern techniques. We have been to this one 3 times and each week we find ourselves more inspired, it's just the ticket!

last night there was a lecture on colour management. This is something that I personally had not even dipped my toe into yet, however now I realise if I am to enter into competitions etc it is an absolute necessity as there are fairly strict rules about how you present your images. I probably only understood about half of what the speaker said so I think I need to do a little homework! It's like being back at school...I think this will be a challenge but as long as I have fun along the way I don't mind. :o)

The group go out on joint outings in the Summer...it'll be so nice to be in the company of people who understand WHY you just have to stop and take a picture of an interesting stone, tree, or cloud formation! At times my non-photographer friends look at me as if I am slightly deranged!...or should I say more deranged than usual, so this will be very fulfilling I am sure.

I guess what we are learning is...Why go it alone, when there are ooddles of others out there with the same passions?...Sharing with others really does make life more interesting. :o)

Are you going it alone with your hobbies, go on try a club. From what we have experienced, most let you go a couple of times before they ask you to sign up and part with any money, so if you don't like it the only thing you have lost is a few hours of your time. :o)


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