Sunday, 1 November 2009

Going back to my VERY old ways.

Are you a girlie dear reader? Or should I ask are you a person who wears makeup? If so what kind of makeup wearer are you and where do you keep it all?

Are you terribly disciplined and only have one of everything, discarding items after 6 months of opening as the manufacturers would have us believe we should do... or are your cupboards bursting full of potions and powders ...are you due to creep in the back door of some dark building to attend a secret meeting where you will stand up in a room of strangers and and say "Hello my name is.....and I'm a makeup addict? I think I am the latter only I am out in the open...I am Doxie, I love makeup, always have, always will and the only way you could take it away from me would be to prise it from my cold clammy hands.

....And so we come to the question of storage. I have a million and wait...make that a zillion and one makeup bags...they are all lovely quality pretty girlie style ones ( if I could get more adjectives in I would, because they really are quite quite wonderful )... mainly having arrived in my possession through the generosity of lovely MIL who often pampers me with cosmetics for Christmas and other gift giving occasions. Like all makeup addicts my collection has grown to obscene proportions AND this is after I purged a carrier bag full! It pains me to say it but I put such a lot straight in the bin...I can't think of anyone that would want opened make-up...I have a shoe box full sorted ready for something else but I will write about that in another post.

I did think a while ago I would use one bag for foundations, another for mascaras and so on....but that means that every time I go to make up I need to sort through some crazy number of bags and that just ain't practical is it girls?

Something I did hit on which seems to be working out is using my "Hello Kitty" smoothie cup for eyeliners...that seems to be practical... but as for the rest, well I am running out of room and ideas for storage... and it really doesn't look that nice to have lots of bags around no matter how pretty they are.

Well that was the mascara curdling situation yesterday and this is the brighter today. I've had this light bulb moment...or perhaps you could call it a flashback! I was thinking... when I was a teen I used to keep all my makeup in a fishing tackle box. No don't worry it was new, no essence du Mackerel lurking in any corners...I'm sure it was a purchase from Argos MANY years ago, the cantilever type...It was perfectly practical... lots of little compartments in the top trays and plenty of rummaging room in the main compartment below. When did I ever stop using it I wonder...not only is a tackle box roomy and easy to organise it is also very easy to clean, the lid means you can keep the dust out and they have a handle to cart them around...Never mind fancy purpose made makeup boxes with bling exteriors and strangely impractical interiors that stain, what ya need is a good sturdy fishing it out and "voila" you have practically everything in view in one place...close it up stuff it in the bottom of the wardrobe, job done... Flat surfaces clear, time saved not searching all over for the right lipstick and the comforter on the bed stays cleaner for longer because when you empty out a makeup bag on it no matter how hard you try something always escapes be it powder or liquid.

Seems that somehow we do know best when we are young. Back in with the plain and's what's inside that counts ....or it's not where you store it, it's what you do with it!

Doxie the practical ( who makes no apologies for being a total out and out girlie )

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