Monday, 2 November 2009

Today's driving lesson

I had my lesson a little earlier today. Even though it is November it is very hot sat in the car...I must remember NOT to apply my fake tan the day before driving because even with 3 baths I can still smell it when I sit in a confined environment such as the car, and when it is hot, well YICK!...I could go for the pale and interesting look...I can do the pale but I'm not so sure I can carry off the interesting!

We did some bay parking in a fairly busy car it right second time around. We spent most of the time driving around the local area, it is incredible how you can eat up 2 hours of driving going very little distance.

I did a parallel park which I ruined as I was looking through the wrong window...I was following my routine for reversing around a corner by mistake...oops! Oh well I won't beat myself up over it.

I feel I am getting more confident on the roundabouts which pleases me as they held such terror before. I have lately tried to analyse my fears with the idea that if I can find the root cause I can "get over it". My brother had a rather horrific accident on a roundabout on his motorbike many years ago, and I think this has stuck in my mind unbeknown to me until now when I really have forced myself to think about it. I was told I need to start looking in my mirrors earlier when overtaking parked cars etc, I hope I read this to remind myself before my next lesson!

Doxie who I think is evolving :o/

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