Friday, 30 September 2011

latest pic of Elliot

Here's the latest picture of my baby...isn't she a darling? She's now choosing to fly out of the cage and land on my hand...the last couple of weeks she has also started to allow me to tickle her on the top of her head, she really seems to enjoy it, awww!

I have news...besides Elliot we have another addition to the family...I will try and get pics this weekend and post soon :)

On other subjects...At the moment we are having a may not be as hot as some countries but it has come in with a blast and we have not had time to acclimatise, phew! The forecasters say it will turn nasty next week though so we are all trying to make the most of the lovely weather. It is so odd, it is hot enough to get sunburnt but the Christmas trees are already appearing in the shops...this is most unlike England lol.

Today my friend J passed his driving test, both he and DS used 'my' driving instructor and we all passed first time :) so everyone is happy including our instructor :)

Sharp End is still with us...I won't say he is going strong but he does have his lively moments...usually when he knows food is around!

Yesterday my eldest sister came to visit. She has just got her first car after being without for about 30 was lovely to see her and have her stay until late in the evening. We had a good natter and did a few crafts together, a lovely day :)

Well I think that is all for now.
Best wishes to you all out there in blogland
Dox :)

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