Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dawn of a new Era...

Well it is for me!

I have been pondering on my plans for the next year and I don't think I have ever been this excited, not even as a teenager lol. I'm so glad I did the Mummy bit when I was still young which means that now before I hit any significant birthdays I can map out my future path with pretty much no outer pressures other than what Mr Doxie and I want out of life.

After taking on more responsibility than most parents do for our child's education we have gone from really full on during every waking hour (if we weren't "doing" we were making plans for the "doing"... evenings were for assessing what had been done, bed time reading was lesson planning...the mind was constantly occupied with the one theme) to now being completely free with how we spend our days with no outer pressure. What was it Tony Blair said..." Education, education, education ?" Until you have home educated you don't know Jack about education!

Even though home ed is something I would do all over again with no question, my only regret being that he ever went to school and I wish we'd done it from day one...It is nice now to hand over the reigns to somebody else and be me again.

For fun I was writing a list of what makes me smile at this new stage and what makes me feel so good.

1) Now I can dress how I dressing down anymore or dressing conservatively because I am around little children, no extra warm clothes because I have an hour's walk in the rain...I can wear heels again! ( EDITED to say, not for long as since I have started learning to drive I am back in flats! )

2) I don't feel obliged to record how we spent the day.

3) I can do absolutely nothing all day if I wish...okay I won't get any work done, but as I am my own boss it is MY choice. :o)

4)I can learn things for ME

5) I can stay up late for fun

6) I have time to read for pleasure.

7) I will not be too knackered in the evenings to see friends

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